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Saturday, May 2, 2009

William T. Johnson at Hardin-Simmons College

Last August 14, 2008, I was a patient in University Hospital, Augusta, GA, awaiting installation of a pacemaker the next morning. Sometime that night I was transported or I dreamed I was at Hardin-Simmons College, Abilene, TX. I found myself in a small, square building used as a visitor's center, doors on two sides, table with magazines in the middle. Since it was closing time they offered me a cot in that building to spend the night. I accepted and was soon asleep. I was awakened by a woman who was to give me a bath, for some reason. After the bath I went back to sleep and was soon awakened about 5:00 a.m. by two X-ray technicians who wanted to perform an X-ray on me. They were real, the woman was a dream. My comment to the X-ray people was, "I'm back from Texas." I've never been to Hardin-Simmons. I've never been to Texas. This dream is as real to me now as the other stuff I've posted about in the last six weeks. Do we have dream interpreters now as they had in Joseph's and Daniel's days? This morning I've Google-ized Hardin-Simmons College and found it to be elevated to university status, 2400+ students, 200+-acre campus, and 100+ million dollar endowment. It was founded in 1891 by local people and became affiliated with the General Baptist Convention of Texas in 1941.

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