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Saturday, May 23, 2009

William T. Johnson and Shinbone Mountain

These are views from the deck of one of two houses I visited yesterday on Shinbone Mountain, Polk County, Tennessee. My two friends/caregivers and I had been planning for some time to spend a few days at Patty's sister's cabin, so we drove up Tuesday afternoon and left Friday morning. The sister had been informed that the house up the road was for sale, so we visited the house three times and took pictures and found the view from the deck was "to die for", as Bob put it. The owner, Wes, had labored mightily to improve the grounds and had added a fountain and a fish pond that were most attractive. On the visit by all three of us on Thursday the homeowners invited us back that night at 9:00 p.m when he would turn on the lights in and around the pond. The sister, Peggy, and a friend, Kim, had arrived while we were at dinner in McCaysville, GA, that night, so all four - Bob, Patty, Peggy, and Kim - went up the hill about 9:30 and were entranced by the effect of the lights on the frogs; while the lights were on the frogs went crazy with croaking, and when they were off, they shut up. We explored the surrounding towns, Ducktown, Turtletown, Copper Hill, and McCaysville, and found the last two to be essentially one town with a street between them.

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