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Friday, April 2, 2010

Geeks and Guns

When you think about the U.S. Military, you probably think about steely eyed men and women wearing camo and carrying around a rifle. Right?
Well, what about steely eyed academics walking around with finely sharpened pencils and an heart for counterinsurgency doctrine?
Today’s military is much more than a grunt on the ground. Soldiers rising to the tops of the ranks have savvy minds and a heart for academia. Enter in National Defense University (NDU) based in Washington, D.C.  NDU’s mission is to advance joint professional military education and national security policy – a pretty important charter and one with a direct impact on today’s warfighter.
This week I visited NDU to speak on social media and hear what they’re up to in the social media space. Like most government organizations looking to reach out and communicate better with both the American public and their internal audiences, NDU is pursuing the use of social media platforms to help tell their story. From a blog, to Twitter and Facebook, they’re looking to reach out and tell you more about what they do to support today’s warfighter.   
If you’re interested in learning more about some of the academics helping to educate our leaders or read some of the work they’re doing, I encourage you to check them out, and drop a comment on their blog. For today’s Army, it takes more than a hot meal and a weapon – it takes teams of researchers committed to providing Soldiers with the skills and knowledge to fight smart.
So, geeks with guns? Absolutely!