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Sunday, May 24, 2009

William T. Johnson and Caroline Gentry

This is a two-year-old picture of then-five-year old Caroline Gentry of Athens, whom I have never met and who does not know me. The picture appeared in the current issue of The Christian Index, originally published in Philadelphia, moved to my home town by Rev. Jesse Mercer, first pastor of my church, and now published in Atlanta by the Georgia Baptist Convention. Caroline's mother is Katherine Pope Gentry, from Washington and a graduate of my college, Presbyterian College of Clinton, SC. Her father is Lt Col John Gentry, former commander of my Georgia National Guard unit in Washington. Her maternal grandmother is Susan Hopkins Pope, daughter of Carl S. Hopkins and Katherine Johnson Hopkins of Washington. Her maternal grandfather is Edward Barnett Pope, Jr., a Navy veteran and son of Edward Barnett Pope, also a Navy veteran, and Ruth Carney Pope. Her great-grandparents include Marion Pembroke Pope and Elizabeth Barnett Pope. I have known all of these people, except for the child and her father. I expect she is unaware of this heritage.

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