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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Plane Ride for William T. Johnson's Family

During the thirties Daddy learned to fly and bought a 1928 Travel Air bi-plane. Most of his student time was in Augusta and his favorite instructor was Fred Dorsett, who later became a pilot with Eastern Airlines. At any rate, on July 4, 1934, Daddy wanted to fly the family to Elberton, 30 miles from Washington, for some special event at the airport. At the time the plane was "garaged," "hangered (?)", at Daddy's airport behind Jake Orr's house. So we went out there about 9:00, serviced the plane, and Mother, my little brother Jimsie, and I climbed in the front seat. The takeoff was uneventful and the trip over Tignall (at about 500 ft.) to Elberton came off without a hitch. I remember the red dirt at the Elberton airport but not much else. It's possible we visited Mother's parents on Railroad Street, but I don't know. I do remember the trip back home and that it was uneventful, too.

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  1. I remember flying in a little plane too, but I don't think that Daddy Buck was the pilot. We went to the airport and Daddy (Jimsie) put Amy, Jim and me into the back seat of the plane and strapped us in. I think Jim wiggled out at some point in the air, but thankfully, we all made it back to the ground after some fun flying!