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Friday, April 24, 2009

William T. Johnson at Camp Croft, South Carolina

When the train reached Camp Croft on Tuesday afternoon, June 22, there was some form of transportation to take us to our training unit, but I can't remember it. At any rate, I do remember that we boys from PC, together with some from Clemson, were assigned to Company A, 33d Infantry Training Battalion. We had been in Infantry ROTC training for two years and knew a little bit about the Infantry. Most of Company A, however, were draftees and knew nothing of the military. I recall all shapes and sizes of the draftees and felt sorry for some of them. We from ROTC were able to help with some of the training such as close order drill and map reading. This went on for a few weeks until we were told that we were being reassigned to another company, Company B, 40th Infantry Training Battalion. Since all of us had signed contracts with the Army to be given training in Officer Candidate School, it meant that all of B-40 would be in good physical condition and well able to absorb Infantry training.


  1. I bet you were good at reading maps and the drills. I'm not sure I would follow directions that well :) :) :)

  2. Mr Johnson, have you been to the Camp Croft homepage (www.CampCroft.org)? I manage that web site and would be very interested in recording your recollections for possible inclusion on the site. Also, we are trying to pull together another reunion later this year and would love to have you come and participate! Thanks, RON