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Thursday, April 2, 2009

William T. Johnson and Lionel Hampton

This is one of my heroes, Lionel Hampton,1908-2002, who had one of the best swing bands in the 30s and 40s. In January 1945 I was at Camp Kilmer, NJ, for about a week until my division, the 71st Inf, could sail for Europe. I had been to New York City in 1941 on our Senior trip and wanted to go back. On a couple of days we were given passes long enough to go to New York and return to Camp Kilmer before midnight. With the wonderful transportation system in the New York area it was easy for me to catch one of the frequent trains from New Brunswick to Pennsylvania Station. I was alone and had no one else to please so I was free to look around and discovered the big movie theaters were competing by having the prominent swing bands or orchestras play concerts on stage between showings of the movies. I jumped for the chance to pay $2 or so to hear Lionel Hampton's big band play and have seldom been so excited as when he played his signatue piece "Flying Home." *Wow*. I didn't bother to stay for the movie but left and went to another theater to pay to hear Woody Herman's band play a concert, including his theme piece "At the Woodchoppers Ball." Another *Wow*. After the two concerts I went back to Penn Station and caught the train to New Brunswick. That was a fine afternoon.


  1. Music has a wonderful magic that touches each of us. Singing beside you in choir has been a joy for me. Thanks, (`B

  2. There's something to be said for being left on your own to visit an exciting town like NYC, and having $2 in your pocket for the chance to hear a big band play! That's where memories are made!! :)