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Saturday, April 11, 2009

William T. Johnson's Male Relatives

This is one of several groupings of Mamie Smith Johnson's extended family that had lunch with her on Christmas Day 1941. These are her sons, sons-in-law, grandsons, grandsons-in-law, and a nephew-in-law. They are: left to right:

Front row: James R. "Jimsie" Johnson, W. Lloyd Johnson, Sr., R. Rochford Johnson, Sr., Mamie S. Johnson, Hillyer H. Johnson, William T. "Buck" Johnson,Jr.

Second row: Ralph W. Duggan, Malcolm M. "Mac" Sims, Monsey T. Gresham, William R. Reynolds, R. Rochford Johnson, Jr., Charlie Reynolds, W. Lloyd Johnson, Jr., Clifford Calhoun, George E. Linney.

Third row: William E. "Bill" Johnson, H. Harris Johnson, Jr., William T. Johnson, III, Robert C. Norman, Monsey T. Gresham, Jr., W. Johnson Gresham.

The house in the background is the Green-Pignatel House located where Fievet Pharmacy is now.

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  1. Never knew Daddy had that much dark hair! and weren't you handsome! (Daddy Buck looks like I remember him)