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Monday, March 30, 2009

William T. Johnson's Scout Hut

As I understand it, my father was Scoutmaster of Troop 34 in 1930 and was instrumental in getting the scout hut constructed. At any rate, he took me to the hut a few times in the early '30s and I remember some of the scouts. I remember climbing the ladder to the attic area where some patrol meeting rooms had been built. Later, when I was a scout and a patrol leader - I named the patrol "The Flaming Arrow" - I built a patrol room in the attic. With the help of a patrol mate, Fortson Sloan, I earned the money to buy the lumber from Jackson Lumber Co. On at least two Saturdays we delivered Octagon soap papers for my uncle Lloyd at our family store - $1.65 - and used the money to buy culled lumber. I forget how long it took to build the room. I was Scoutmaster for a few years in the '50s.


  1. Too bad that you don't have pictures of your scouts.

  2. I remember attending meetings at the scout hut and sitting around the one large room. I remember award ceremonies and the joy of being a part of the group. I remember running in the woods around the hut and having so much fun. I remember scout camping trips in the A-model and driving the car without permission. I remember cutting my right hand severely, because the drivers window was broken/cracked. Chan

  3. William,

    I have enjoyed reading from your Blog. These commentaries bring back many happy memories. My wife, Joan and I have been blessed beyond our wildest expectations because of our love and support of Boy Scouts in our community. For me, that love of scouting started with your leadership and guidance when I was a Boy Scout in your troop. Thank you for your commitment and lifelong contribution to us and to your community.

    Ralph Hopkins

  4. Mr. William
    I really enjoyed your "medals of honor" celebration at the Burtons.
    I am amazed that after being married to Pug for 44 years - I am still learning something new about him. I never knew he had a "knot" deficiency, or as we have jokingly said - "not - knot". Thanks for mentoring him. Pug remembers that you came over to his home one evening - and tried your best to help him with his "knot" problem.
    You are an amazing person and a role model for me.
    I enjoyed serving with you at First Baptist when I was Sunday School director. And also, singing with you in the choir at FBC for many, many years - Joanna Rainey asked me to join the ADULT choir when I was in the 9th grade (1960) and so with the exception of the first few years of my married life - you and I have accumulated quite a number of years of service.
    God Bless you Mr. William - may you inspire us for many years to come.
    Kay Nelms