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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The First William T. Johnson's Family Portrait

Here's a family portrait I'm glad to have, my 54-year-old grandfather William Theophilus Johnson's family Christmas Day , December 25, 1913. 

 From left to right on the front row are his  daughter Christine "Tina" Johnson , 16;  his son-in-law Monsey Thomas Gresham, 35,  his daughter Rhetta Johnson Gresham, 29,  and their daughter Mary; and his  son William Theophilus Johnson, Jr. "Buck", 13 - my father

On the second row, l to r, are his daughter Frances, 9; my grandfather; his wife, Mary Smith Johnson, 53; his father-in-law John Rochford Smith, 76; and his daughter Aileen Johnson Reynolds, 25, with her son William, 3 months.

On the back row, l to r, are his son Raymond Rochford Johnson, 16; his daughter Louise Johnson Norman, 22, with her daughter Claudia, 4 months; his son William Lloyd Johnson, 27, and Lloyd's wife Sara Sims Johnson, 27;  his son Hillyer Harris Johnson, 19; his son-in-law Charles Irwin Reynolds, 32, with Aileen's and his son Charles Irwin Reynolds, Jr., 3.

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  1. Great photo! Daddy Buck (my grandfather) looks like he was ready to go. . . he must have had a baseball game he was late for:)