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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jimsie at Thanksgiving 2002

My late brother, Jimsie,shown here, was very, very fond of Model A Fords. As I remember, the first one had a career as a Coca-Cola delivery truck, then a modification to an electrical service truck used by our father and Joe Rhodes when they wired houses for Rayle Electric in 1937, then a further modification in 1946 to a stake-and-platform truck that was wonderful at moving our stuff between Washington and Clinton, SC. The second was a four-door sedan of which I helped in the refurbishing in 1946 and then borrowed a year or so later for a trip to Atlanta. I think he eventually sold each of these for about $100. The third of his A Models was a two-door 1929 model that he continually worked on while in an Atlanta Model-A Ford automobile club. He carried spare parts on their trips and I remember a visit to Washington when he changed the carburetor to make it run better. He drove me through Stone Mountain Park a couple of times. I expect it's still in the garage at his house.

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  1. Yes! The Model-A is still in the garage at home. Daddy loved that car. Growing up, I can remember a time when he had 3 Model-As parked on the driveway (Mama wasn't too happy about that!) and I would help him work on them. We'd take the engine out of one and put it in another. I wasn't much good at working on cars (being a girl and all), but I had fun doing it with my Dad as he loved it so. :) :) :)