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Thursday, March 19, 2009

William T. Johnson's Big Surprise

A few days ago my friend Patty, told me we had been invited to dessert and coffee by our friends Allen and Patricia at 7:40 on Tuesday night. I said I would go if I didn't have to wear a tie. That was all right, she said. After supper Tuesday my friend Bob came to drive us and Patty urged us out of the house before 7:20 so we wouldn't be late. It seems that Bob didn't want to be early so he drove us around town more than I thought normally necessary for the six-mile trip. We reached our hosts' house at almost exactly 7:40 and I noticed several familiar cars there, Chan's 1957 Bel Air Chevrolet, Pug and Kay's Chrysler New Yorker, and Jimmy and Jane's pickup truck. I asked Bob if he knew why they were there and he said "We are having a Boy Scout meeting." I disagreed, saying I hadn't called a meeting (I was the guys' Scoutmaster 50+ years ago.) We were greeted warmly and ushered into the den, where I was put into the fanciest chair. Very quickly Allen stood up as if he were chairing a meeting. He pointed out that I had been Scoutmaster after the war and that he, Bob, and several other friends had decided I needed to be recognized. He then showed the result of their decision - a professionally-made shadow box displaying the insignia of my division - the 71st, a Combat Infantry Badge, and seven of my authorized medals. I said my thanks and appreciation as best I could, and we all adjourned to the formal dining room to be served. Patricia had two wonderful desserts, a strawberry pie and a fruit pie, and coffee. I was served one of each, and at Patricia's suggestion Patty placed me at the head of the dining room table. Fine conversation followed for an hour or so, and then we went home. A wonderful occasion, I thought.


  1. William, the pictures turned out to be a learning experience, but I think the blog turned out great. Your description of the evening is accurate, but doesn't convey the great fun had that evening.

  2. WT, I'm pleased that you were pleased with our small efforts to honor you. You have for many years demostrated what a true loving Christian gentleman should be. Thanks for your friendship. (`Bob

  3. Great day for all. You have helped me as an example for over fifty years. AS the GOOD BOOK SAYS: "well done my good and faithful survant". CHAN

  4. William: I enjoyed the evening at Al and Tricia's home. The most influence I felt from you was in music rather than scouts. I remember sitting with you in church on Sunday night and learning to read the alto line of the hymns. Then the years in choir and being next to you and enjoying the music. You have had a very positive effect on many young men. Thank you.

    Jim Burton

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