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Sunday, March 22, 2009

William T. Johnson's Kindergarten Picture

Here's my kindergarten picture as reproduced for our 50th anniversary reunion of  our 1941 high school class by our class president, Lelia Sims Cheney, 6, who's the tall girl on the left of the back row. Next to her is Osborne McKendree Bounds, 6; and next to him is Sarah Duella Oslin, 6. On the left of the front step is James Hines Blackmon, 5; next to him is my cousin Hillyer Harris Johnson, Jr., 6; next to him is Lucius Combs "Jack" Jackson, Jr., 6; next to him is Elizabeth Adelaide Wood, 5; next to her is my cousin Mary Elizabeth Johnson, 6; and next to her is I, William Theophilus Johnson, III, 5. The picture was taken in either April or May 1930 by our teacher, Elizabeth Sims Smith, the widow of my great-uncle Raymond Rochford Smith, on the front steps of my uncle Hillyer's new house on Water Street. This group stayed together until high school graduation 11 years later.  Four of us are still alive: Lelia, Adelaide, Mary, and I.


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