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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Penfield Recovery

Several years ago I contributed time and effort to get Penfield Christian Home on sound footing. I drove about thirty miles almost every day to work on financial records and also served as secretary of the board of directors for several months. Some years before that I first heard of places like Penfield from Charles Herring, who had been involved with an addict recovery place in North Carolina called "Hebron". I knew of the efforts of friends to start a place in Greene County, Georgia, devoted to the recovery of men caught up in substance abuse. Penfield had long been a community in Greene County and had been the first location of Mercer University, now in Macon and Atlanta. I've lost track of much of the happenings at Penfield since suffering a heart attack in 1996, but I still feel close to many of the staff and to the place itself. I see from the website "www.penfieldrecovery.com" that Penfield is now on three campuses - Main, North, and South - and is a function of Georgia Baptist Convention to a greater degree than previously.


  1. Very good William. You would never know from the way that you keep papers now that you ever kept records for such an organization. (hee, hee) It must give you a good feeling to see the Home going so well, though it is a shame that we need them at all.

  2. In our county we have The Good Samaritan Colony actually located between Ruby and Mt Croghan South Carolina. They do marvelous work, of which I received first hand knowledge when working in Law Enforcement. They did and do, all they can to help the people who need it.