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Thursday, June 18, 2009

IGLOO Connects Rotary Clubs in Disaster Relief

IGLOO Inc.’s online community platform connects 1.2 million Rotary Club members in massive network focused on increasing the speed of global relief efforts

December 2008 Kitchener ON - A Disaster Relief Action Group recognized by Rotary International today launched an innovative online initiative that will connect Rotary's 33,000 clubs worldwide in a massive online network focused on improving the organization's global disaster relief efforts. The Disaster Relief Rotarian Action Group (DRRAG: www.drrag.org) online network, powered by IGLOO Inc. will provide a worldwide community for Rotarians to participate in disaster preparedness, response recovery and community rebuilding efforts of areas struck by disasters.

The DRRAG network will leverage IGLOO's market leading community platform to connect Rotarians using a range of Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis and searchable online member profiles to enhance the relief efforts of DRRAG members in clubs around the world.

"IGLOO online community platform gives DRRAG the capacity to better engage Rotarians in our disaster relief outreach and provides a mechanism for action," says John Eberhard, DRRAG Chairman. "Together IGLOO and DRRAG will be a constructive force for good in the service outreach of Rotarians."

Eberhard says Rotary International has long played a role in relief efforts, most recently in Myanmar, China, the Caribbean, and the southern USA. "But by using a powerful and proven community solution, DRRAG will significantly increase the speed with which our member clubs coordinate relief efforts, funnel donations and provide support for the implementing agencies on the ground."

When a disaster occurs, specially trained professionals from one of the more than 200 countries and geographical areas will tap into the DRRAG network to solicit support from members and provide volunteering opportunities along with links to other international emergency management NGO's and governments to keep them updated on relief efforts. Vital information and resources will then be channeled to the dozens of agencies that respond to global crises.

DRRAG will use the network to respond to requests from District Governors of Rotary in affected areas to assist them in raising funds to respond to local disasters. Eberhard says DRRAG will be an enabler, supporting on-the-ground relief efforts of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other relief agencies. And because victims are often left on their own after temporary shelter and water and food have been provided, DRRAG will stay involved over a longer term to support health issues, education, governance, infrastructure and rebuilding efforts.

As a first step, the DRRAG online community will play a key role in training club members globally using project protocols of how to respond to local crises. The program will focus on preparedness, response, recovery (rebuilding) and remediation. It will stress the importance of forging close links to other local emergency management organizations.

"IGLOO's powerful blend of technology and services is ideally suited to support the globally distributed relief efforts of Rotarians," says Dan Latendre, CEO, IGLOO Software. "When a crisis strikes, local Rotarian members can alert the DRRAG community using RSS feeds, coordinate efforts and action plans, then use the platform to funnel aid and volunteer expertise to stricken areas in a more timely fashion."

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