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Monday, July 13, 2009

An Update on Calli

This is today's opdate on Calli's condition. Her mother uses the program CaringBridge.com.


It is time for an update on Calli, after a pretty lousy week Troy and I brought her home yesterday afternoon(Sunday). We are scheduled to go to Atlanta to meet with the surgeon Wednesday to discuss pre-op planning.

Because of the break, we are postponing her surgery though in order to do more chemo. Not really what we wanted to hear, but know that God has this thing mapped out and it is in his control. Sooo

Wednesday is Dr. appointment, back home that afternoon, then back to Atlanta for chemo on Thursday morning. We will need to be in Thursday- Saturday this week so she can get 4 chemo's. Then home on fluids for the 5 days, and rest. I think we are looking at the first part of August for surgery.

We are trying new meds with Calli in an effort to ease some of the side effects. She has rested pretty well since we came home. I did take her to the Chiropractor today who I believe helped her, he has in the past as well after long stays and so am grateful for his care too.

So, keep those prayers coming and know that we appreciate everything everyone has done, every word of encouragement, every act of mercy and kindness, every generous gift, every hug, every meal, every prayer.

Cancer teaches a few things, humility and generocity. To appreciate all the little things, as well as the big, to accept a helping hand. To lean on and trust in God for All.

Thank you all, keep us posted on the happenings in your lives and we will keep you posted too.

A special thank you to those here in Washington who came to our aid again. We love you all.

Troy, Becki and Calli

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