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Thursday, July 2, 2009

71st Division Association

This is a photograph of the front of the 71st Division Association Newsletter dated June 2000, Vol. 14, No. 1. The newsletter has been published semi-annually since about 1987. The following item is extracted from Vol. 14, No. 2, dated Dec. 2000-Jan. 2001:


"Several years ago Gen. Willard G. Wyman's son, Willard G. Wyman, Jr., sent a carton of Gen. Wyman's papers to Bill Klasson, President of the 71st Division Association.

"Bound into one of the folders was an envelope postmarked September 10, 1946, addressed to General Wyman by Colonel Sidney Wooten. On a cover page over the envelope, in General Wyman's handwriting, was the note "Recd Oct. 1946." The envelope contained a zinc electrotype of the Red Circle News masthead.
This electrotype was actually used when printing the Division newspaper. After 56 years it was still in very good condition, although the printing surfaces were slightly corroded.

"A gentleman at Quality Graphics in Hammond, Indiana "stoned" (polished) the surfaces and ran several press proofs (for which he would not accept payment). One of the proofs was scanned, and the masthead of the current and future Red Circle News is the the product of that scan."

I was introduced to the 71st Division Association about 1988 when I received a telephone call from W. P. "Pete" Sims in Dallas, Texas. my company commander in Company M, 14th Infantry Regiment, 71st Infantry Division, in 1945. Pete has worked very hard in finding and corresponding with almost all the former members of his unit, keeping up with their deaths, and keeping in touch with us generally. I have been able to attend a few reunions: Kansas City, MO; Columbus, Georgia; Jekyll Island, Georgia; Newburgh, New York; Arlington, Virginia; Charleston, South Carolina.

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