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Sunday, March 7, 2010

“Chief Cam”-From Deployment to School

Aside from his many day-to-day duties as Chief of Staff of the Army, General George W.  Casey enjoys talking with Soldiers as he travels around the world. Check out his most recent ”Chief Cam” as he talks to a Soldier who has recently transitioned from deployment in Iraq back to Hawaii, and who is planning her next steps in education.

Want to see more “Chief Cams?” Visit http://www.youtube.com/soldiersmediacenter.
March 3rd, 2010

Deploying Soldiers Get a New Look

100207-A-2860K-006MultiCam in Afghanistan. Photo by: PEOSoldier
Soldiers deploying to Afghanistan will be getting a gear make-over beginning in July of this year.  They will be issued the new “MultiCam” fire-resistant Army Combat Uniform  with new Mountain Combat Boots and MultiCam-patterned Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.
The decision to field and develop an alternative camouflage for uniforms in Afghanistan came out of the realization that the Army’s current Universal Camouflage Pattern, or UCP, did not meet all of the concealment needs for Afghanistan’s multiple regions.
“Afghanistan is a unique camouflage challenge because it’s such a terrain-diverse country,” explained Col. William E. Cole, project manager for Soldier protection and individual equipment at the Program Executive Office, or PEO, Soldier on Fort Belvoir.  He also confirmed that the uniforms and gear in MultiCam will for now only be used in Afghanistan.
Similar to the Battle Dress Uniform woodland print, the new MultiCam is a combination of seven different shades which “takes in surrounding colors.”
This change came after months of developing and testing new camoflauge options were initated. About 750 Soldiers who had recently deployed to Afghanistan were  asked to judge the uniforms in the photos based on their detectability, blend-ability, and rank them from best to worst.
100206-A-2860K-071MultiCam in Afghanistan. Photo by: PEOSoldier
The MultiCam, while cut in the same style as the ACU, will have several upgrades including a reinforced seat, buttons on the trouser cargo pockets, be constructed of flame-resistant fabric (like the newer ACUs), and treated with permethrin. New Mountain Combat Boots will also be issued to deploying Soldiers, which feature a tougher, more durable sole for gripping the mountainous Afghan terrain.
What do you think about the  “new look?” Leave us your thoughts.
March 2nd, 2010

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